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Wayne Dreadski reaches International Radio Airwaves with Song “Lust”

Sensational new artist Wayne Dreadski has released his new song titled “Lust” that touches the soul of people around the world. “Lust” has obtained International Radio airplay in over 45 countries and more are adding it into rotation.

Everyone has their own unique list of songs that touch the soul. Music has such a depth to it that compares to nothing else. It’s a form of escape, of relaxation, of mourning, of healing, of worship, of passion and joy. We were born to be musical – to both create it and enjoy it! Whatever the motivation might be to listen to a particular song, it has the capability of completely changing our mood and thoughts.


“Lust” promises to be a classic record. It is a song that will keep you at the edge of your seat and one you don’t want to miss. It also has simple effective melodies with baselines that punch. The quality of the recording is noticeable too with the track sounding professional, both in vision and style. Soul music lovers will literally get chills every time they listen to “Lust”. The delivery, the beat and everything about it just makes it an incredible song.

Wayne Dreadski’s song “Lust” gets 1000s and 1000s of weekly streams on sites like iTunes, Tidal and Spotify. His main aim is for people to enjoy the music, feel the music and most of all dance to the music. Wayne loves being different and creating fun, and that is why “Lust” will keep you happy any place this song comes up.

Wayne Dreadski’s originality and previous releases have significantly helped him amass a loyal and supportive fan base online. Music fans can expect a lot more from him in the near future. It is certain that he would break boundaries with his exceptional music.

About Wayne Dreadski

Wayne Dreadski is an indie artist who is releasing music via Concrete Music Management.

What is Indie music? Indie music is music produced and distributed outside of the confines of major record labels. ‘Indie’ is short for Independent. It is usually music that isn’t pop music related. Indie music is generally alternative music where an artist likely would not get a recording deal with a major record company or their subsidiaries.

Media Contact
Concrete Music Entertainment
3251 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30315

(404)941-5721 (Office)
(404)437-3237 (Cell)

For more detail

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Inas Alawam Miss Arab USA to present the 2018 BAMA Awards in Hollywood

Inas Alawam Miss Arab USA 2018 will be an honored guest to present the awards at the 2018 Big Apple Music Awards (BAMA). This year’s award ceremony will be hosted on November 23rd at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California which is one of the world’s premier entertainment venues in the world.

The event will celebrate the exceptional performance and achievements of artists and professionals of music industry for their notable accomplishments in the field of music and recording. It will be attended by the most popular artists from each major territory, including Europe, Russia, Africa, Australia, Iran, South America and Middle East.

Miss Arab USA will be attending this year’s ceremony with the Arab American producer Ashraf Elgamal. Mr. Elgamal is the producer of multiple international events such as Miss Arab pageants, Universal Fashion week, Arab festivals and more. He is also known as a notable director for Arabic production, and has been awarded the ANI award for inspiration and The Man of the Year in 2017.


Official Website


Media Contact

Contact: Miss Arab Organization

Phone: +1-602-412-1525

Email: info@MissArab.Org


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Komodo - (I Just) Died In Your Arms [New Dance/Club Track 2018 - Official]

New club version of the worldwide hit by Polish producer team KOMODO!


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